Memorial Site

The Berlin Airlift Memorial in Faßberg presents the military history collection of the German Airforce Technical Training Centre. The Training Centre is supported by the “Förderverein für die Erinnerungsstätte Luftbrücke Berlin e.V.” and by the foundation “Luftbrückendank”, an institution of the State of Berlin.

The aim of the methodical-didactic preparation of the collection is the socio-political responsibility of the armed forces as a whole as well as a media-compatible mediation and deepening of knowledge about the German Armed Forces at the Faßberg site. In addition, the Berlin Airlift and its effects on Faßberg and Berlin are dealt with.

The exhibition documents the performance of the United States Air Force (USAF) and the Royal Air Force (RAF) in Faßberg and their cooperation with the German workers of the German Civil Labour Organisation (GCLO) who were deployed to load coal.

The museum’s educational focus is also intended to support the political-historical training and further education of course participants and regular staff at the Faßberg site. In addition, information work for guests and visitors to the air base and the site is supported within the framework of press and public relations work as well as recruitment of young people and reservist work.